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Bartlett Homes & Roofing is a locally owned and operated family business. Doug Bartlett is a licensed, insured & bonded General Contractor with over 27 years of experience in the industry.

We are experts in all aspects of construction so that we can assist our clients in improving the exterior of their homes.

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Our friendly & experienced roofing experts will perform a multi-point inspection of your roof to identify the issues and get your roof back to working condition so it can protect your home!

Most Common Roofing Problems in South Jordan and What You Can Do to Fix Them

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You’re sitting in your living room watching the big game when you hear the telltale drip of a roof leak.

You look behind you to see a small puddle forming, so you grab a bucket to catch the water before it can ruin your hardwood floors.

Roofing in South Jordan homes is what we do best, so when these things happen, we’ll be happy to take a look. However, you may be able to prevent or spot signs without us.

There are many reasons why a leak forms. Once you identify the reason, there are things you can do to fix it.

Check out this list of common roofing problems and some ways you can fix it without calling a roofer.

Check Out This List of Common Roofing Problems and Some Ways You Can Fix It Without Calling a Roofer

After it rains, go outside and check to see if there is any pooling on your roof.

When water can’t leave the roof through the gutter system or because it’s blocked by something, then it can begin to pool. You might not think pooling is a big deal, but over time it can lead to roof damage and eventually roof leaks.

The pooled water just sits there and if there are any small cracks or damage to the shingles, it can get through. It can also cause shingle damage, plywood rotting, and more if not taken care of quickly.

The most common cause of pooling it clogged gutters. Roofs are slanted to allow water to run off into the gutters and directed to the yard or near drains. If debris such as dirt and leaves gather in the gutter, it can cause it to clog and keep it from running off the roof.

You can clean the gutters by using a ladder and a garbage bag to grab the debris and put it into the bag. If it’s been a few years since you cleaned the gutters, there may be cinders from damaged roof shingles as well.

Once the gutters are clean, then it should allow the water to flow off the roof and alleviate the pooling.

Your roof takes a lot of abuse over the years. It gets hit with pelting rain, scorching heat of the sun, frigid temperatures of winter and massive wind gusts. This can take its toll and lead to damaged or missing roof tiles.

This is one of the most common causes of roof leaks in the home.

Go outside and take a look at your roof. Do you see shingles that are broken, loose, or missing altogether? It’s imperative that they are replaced as soon as possible.

First, remove the broken shingles and check the surrounding tiles for damage. Also, check the plywood underneath for wood rot. If there is plywood rot, then that will have to be replaced as well. Remove the shingles surrounding the plywood and then take off the plywood.

Purchase a new piece and install it where the rotted plywood was. Replace the shingles over the plywood, making sure they match the pattern of the other shingles.

They’re placed specifically to protect the plywood underneath and allow water to run off the roof.

Roof vents are another common place where leaks tend to happen.

Unlike the shingles, which show obvious damage, you may not noticed cracked or damaged roof vents until you’re close to them.

Plastic roof vents develop cracked housings and metal ones get broken seams. You may be tempted to go the inexpensive route and use caulk to seal up the housings and seams, but that’s only a temporary fix.

It’s fine until you can get around to replacing the vents, but the caulk won’t protect it forever.

You’ll need to get a new vent and remove the old one from the roof. You may have to loosen the nails of surrounding shingles to get to it. Once it’s removed, put a layer of caulk underneath the new vent to act as a water barrier and then place it back on the roof.

Nail the shingles back down to make sure it’s secure.

When there is a barrier on the roof where the shingles must meet another type of materials, such as the brick of a chimney or a wall, roofers use metal flashing to protect from leaks.

It takes time and expertise to properly install flashing on a roof.

Many times, substandard roofers will slather the area with roofing cement to save time and money, but that won’t last long. The heat of the run and other weather issues cause the cement to crack and break, creating openings for leaks.

If you see this, you can use roofing cement to fix it, but it’s a better idea to have a professional come out to properly install the flashing for a long term fix.

When to Fix and When to Get New Roofing in South Jordan, Utah

No one wants to pay for a new roof, but sometimes there isn’t a choice.

Roofs are not designed to last forever. They take a beating from Mother Nature and every decade or so needs completely replaced.

As a homeowner, it can be difficult to decide if the roof needs a quick fix or if it’s time to get it replaced. If you’ve got a leak in your home and it’s been a long time since the shingles were replaced, then it might be the best time for a new roof.

If the damaged shingles span the bulk of the roof, or if the shingles have lost a lot of the cinders, then it’s time for a new roof.

Even if the repairs are not extensive, if it’s been more than 10 years since you’ve had a new roof, then you might want to get it out of the way. You’ll need a new roof in the near future anyway.

Don’t Hesitate to Call the Roofing Experts

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If you have these problems and don’t have the ability or know-how to fix it on your own, then call the roofing experts.

The roofing in South Jordan homes is what we do. Use these tips to identify the problem and fix it yourself or call us for a quote.

If you want to learn more about what we offer for roof repairs, contact us today.

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If it’s been more than a year since your roof was last inspected… Then the time is NOW!!!

Avoid These 6 Common Hazards To Your Roof

…And Learn How You Can Prevent Them With An Annual Roof Inspection!

  • Water Damage

    Leaks are the #1 result of a poorly maintained roof.

  • Electrical Hazards

    Ceiling-mounted fans, light fixtures, and electrical wiring that is present in the attic or ceiling, could pose a threat when combined with shorted wires and a leaky roof.

  • Wind Damage

    Shingles blown off due to high winds can allow leaks to begin occurring.

  • Mold Damage

    Mold is formed when moisture is trapped in a facility, like water or humidity. If there is an opening in the roof, or the roof is not ventilated properly, there is a chance of mold growth occurring.

  • Hail Damage

    Pellets of frozen rain impact the shingle and cause punctures, tears, fractures, and bruises in the shingle mats.

  • Wear & Tear

    Roofing materials wear over time mainly due to age and weathering. The National Roofing Contractors’ Association recommends getting your roof inspected professionally twice a year to ensure it is in proper working condition.

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The job went smoothly was done in a timely manner and looks great. Working with Eric was easy. He was available to answer questions. Most of all he wasn't pushy understood I'm not a roofer and I didn't need/want to know all the stats and statistics understood I just wanted it done at a reasonable price.

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Getting a new roof from Bartlett Homes and Roofing was such an awesome experience. We have worked with many contractors over the years and have never worked with more competent, friendly and efficient people. They attended to every detail. I highly recommend them.

Mary Ann Rackham

Vernon showed up at my door, like others I thought he was a solicitor. I decided to take the time to talk with him about my roof because I knew it needed replacing. He called my insurance right then and there with me and was able to the new roof approved. He and the crew worked around my time constraints and agreed to put the new roof on a day I could be home. The crew was amazing and did a stupendous job! Very friendly and very careful with my yard and newly planted flowers that are along the house. They cleaned everything up and even went around my house multiple times scouting for nails so my kids wouldn't end up with them in their feet. Highly recommend this company and Vernon!

Brianne Peden

To be honest the thought of replacing our roof and dealing with insurance was daunting. With Shea’s help, everything went through without a hitch, she was amazing to work with. The roof looks really nice and it’s great not to worry if the roof will be okay when the storms roll through.

Peggy Rigby

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