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Bartlett Homes & Roofing is a locally owned and operated family business. Doug Bartlett is a licensed, insured & bonded General Contractor with over 27 years of experience in the industry.

We are experts in all aspects of construction so that we can assist our clients in improving the exterior of their homes.

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Our friendly & experienced roofing experts will perform a multi-point inspection of your roof to identify the issues and get your roof back to working condition so it can protect your home!

8 Telltale Signs You Need a New Roof

The average roof lasts 20 to 25 years for your standard asphalt shingle. Of course, living in a desert, the elements can do a number on Tempe roofing. The extreme heat causes roofing materials to flex and deteriorate. 

Depending on the quality and level of maintenance, aging roofs can quickly rack up in repairs. At some point, you’re better off getting a new roof. Is that time now for your roof?

To know for sure, look for these eight signs of a roof that is beyond repair.  

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Here Are 8 Signs That Your Roof Is Beyond Repair

You can save yourself a lot of time and money trying to calculate whether your roof is worth repairing. Take a look at how old your roof is exactly and its repair history. If it has already been reshingled or coated, then any current problems are signs it’s time to replace. 

If you’re worried about replacing too early and putting yourself in a financial bind, look into financing options.

One thing that is hard to spot in the dry season is a leak. Even when it does rain, the leak may not produce enough evidence on the interior to spot. You can check for leaks through your roof anytime by climbing into the attic. 

If you see rays of light anywhere, that indicates gaps wide enough for water to get through.

A sagging roof may not appear as obvious as it sounds, but it’s a huge red flag for roof replacement. In order to determine sag, you’ll need to physically check the integrity of the roof. This involves walking over it or prodding with a sturdy pole of some sort.

Any soft spots indicate moisture damage that needs replacement. 

Sometimes you can find this next telltale sign along with areas of roof sag. If you spot algae collecting in areas on your roof, it’s bad news. That means that moisture has sat long enough for algae to thrive, especially with sporadic rain.

It’s not as big of a deal to have algae along the edge of the roof. You can pressure wash that away, but algae growth in between shingles is a bigger problem.

Any signs of water damage on the inside of your home is cause for concern. In some cases, if caught early, it’s possible to repair it. If those water stains are yellow or darker, you’re better off getting a new roof.

Early signs of mold are something you never want to encounter. Mold causes all sorts of respiratory problems and is very difficult to clean from your home’s interior. This requires a new roof and professional mold remediation services.

The condition of your shingles will tell you how often to replace a roof. Do they sit flat and do they look worn? Are you missing shingles and have been for a long time? 

Shingles that give access to the baseboards of your roof result in permanent damage. When the baseboards become exposed to the elements, it doesn’t take long before a new roof is needed.

If you can’t tell whether your shingles are bad, look for evidence in your gutters. Over time, shingles start to lose material in the form of granules. Whenever you get a patch of heavy rain, these granules wash away into your drainage. 

Take a peek at your gutters and see if you notice a collection of these granules. 

If your roof has had previous work done or was installed poorly, you’ll notice all these signs earlier. You don’t need professional knowledge to spot poor contracting. Look at the patterns of your shingles, you should have straight lines.

Look at how tight the fittings and flashings are around your roof. Any compromises in workmanship will need addressing, possibly replacement.

Service Process​
Tempe Roofing

If you suspect your roof has problems, you’ll want to get an inspection to understand the scope. A typical roofing service involves the following steps:

A professional will measure and test the problems with your roof. A thorough assessment will determine if it’s worth repairing or replacing your roof.

After the assessment, a roofing contractor will then itemize and discuss roofing products. You’ll get to see all the types of shingles and materials for yourself. Estimates are given to help work within your budget, avoiding high-pressure sales tactics.

After scheduling your roof replacement, contractors will work to strip all old roofing materials. This isn’t a neat process, so precautions are taken to protect property and safety. The old roof is removed and further surveying is done on its foundation.

The first step to installing your new roof is laying down a strong foundation. This will help water-proof the roof and provide superior insulation. The amount of prep for the new roof depends on the roof type.

Installation of the new roof includes fitting ventilation, flashing, and gutter alignment. Depending on the season, this installation can run longer than usual to protect worker health and material integrity.

All contractors will ensure that your property is free from all evidence of work. Nails and debris are carefully sifted through the surroundings. Once the clean up is finished, contractors sit down and educate owners on their warranty service.

Protecting Your Home’s Future

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No homeowner should take their home’s roof for granted in Tempe. Even if it’s under ten years old, small problems can turn into major repairs or replacement. Tempe roofing services are the key to minimizing the impact of the desert climate.

If you’re looking for an honest look at the state of your roof, contact us today. Our experienced contractors know the telltale signs of a damaged roof and will work to protect your home. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you need a new roof, let us help answer your concerns.

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We Repair Or Replace Roofs Of Every Type

If it’s been more than a year since your roof was last inspected… Then the time is NOW!!!

Avoid These 6 Common Hazards To Your Roof

…And Learn How You Can Prevent Them With An Annual Roof Inspection!

  • Water Damage

    Leaks are the #1 result of a poorly maintained roof.

  • Electrical Hazards

    Ceiling-mounted fans, light fixtures, and electrical wiring that is present in the attic or ceiling, could pose a threat when combined with shorted wires and a leaky roof.

  • Wind Damage

    Shingles blown off due to high winds can allow leaks to begin occurring.

  • Mold Damage

    Mold is formed when moisture is trapped in a facility, like water or humidity. If there is an opening in the roof, or the roof is not ventilated properly, there is a chance of mold growth occurring.

  • Hail Damage

    Pellets of frozen rain impact the shingle and cause punctures, tears, fractures, and bruises in the shingle mats.

  • Wear & Tear

    Roofing materials wear over time mainly due to age and weathering. The National Roofing Contractors’ Association recommends getting your roof inspected professionally twice a year to ensure it is in proper working condition.

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The job went smoothly was done in a timely manner and looks great. Working with Eric was easy. He was available to answer questions. Most of all he wasn't pushy understood I'm not a roofer and I didn't need/want to know all the stats and statistics understood I just wanted it done at a reasonable price.

Michael Elbert

Getting a new roof from Bartlett Homes and Roofing was such an awesome experience. We have worked with many contractors over the years and have never worked with more competent, friendly and efficient people. They attended to every detail. I highly recommend them.

Mary Ann Rackham

Vernon showed up at my door, like others I thought he was a solicitor. I decided to take the time to talk with him about my roof because I knew it needed replacing. He called my insurance right then and there with me and was able to the new roof approved. He and the crew worked around my time constraints and agreed to put the new roof on a day I could be home. The crew was amazing and did a stupendous job! Very friendly and very careful with my yard and newly planted flowers that are along the house. They cleaned everything up and even went around my house multiple times scouting for nails so my kids wouldn't end up with them in their feet. Highly recommend this company and Vernon!

Brianne Peden

To be honest the thought of replacing our roof and dealing with insurance was daunting. With Shea’s help, everything went through without a hitch, she was amazing to work with. The roof looks really nice and it’s great not to worry if the roof will be okay when the storms roll through.

Peggy Rigby

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