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 LET US KEEP IT simple protocol to help you get started with your home improvement project.

Thoroughly inspect, photograph, and measure for accuracy.

We don’t give bids over the phone or via email. Vendors who give quotes without doing the proper inspection will likely have “cost overruns” because they didn’t have the right information to create a proper bid.

Review and identify materials and color preferences.

Bartlett Roofing use high quality products and we don’t cut corners on our installations. Typically, we will find that our materials are upgraded above our competition, but for the same cost of a lessor quality product. So your value for the amount spent will always fall in your favor!

Provide you with a written bid and review it with your Project Manager.

Ensuring that you are comfortable and understand the costs, payment schedules, or reimbursements by insurance are covered is a primary responsibility before we start any job. You’ll be fully informed, and comfortable that finances are in place.

Schedule the date and time for your installation, understanding that weather permitting we will keep on task, expediting the installation in a professional efficient manner.

Your Project Manager will meet the installers when your project starts, and return periodically throughout the process until it is completed. Upon completion you will be asked “are you completely satisfied”? Remember our goal is to create a fan base that is willing to refer us to others and nothing less is acceptable!

Find out if your roof qualifies to be replaced through an insurance claim due to wind or hail damage: 


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